Ethos Academy CFA is proud to utilize Core Knowledge, specifically Core Knowledge Language Arts, as the primary curriculum. CKLA is aligned to the Arizona Common Core Standards. The broader K–8 Core Knowledge Sequence exposes students to a broad range of historical, scientific, and cultural topics that develop a foundation of knowledge which builds upon itself year after year. World and American history, geography, as well as science are seamlessly integrated throughout the Core Knowledge Sequence of study. This comprehensive curriculum will serve to prepare students for success in college and 21st Century careers.

Ethos Academy CFA uses EngageNY for its mathematics curriculum. EngageNY is a rigorous, comprehensive Singapore math-based program that is aligned to the Arizona Common Core Standards.  EngageNY goes in depth to explore and explain the why associated with performing mathematical functions, beyond just the how to.

Ethos Academy will incorporate Core Knowledge fine arts, music, and world cultural lessons for our specials classes.  For Health & Nutrition classes we use a web-based interactive tool called HealthTeacher and for P.E. classes we utilize the OPEN Physical Education curriculum.  Our project-based, themed engineering classes are developed by our Dean of Families, Cristina Nieves.

Our Ethos Characters Program will be strongly influenced by heroes of character that our students will learn about throughout the year, as part of the Core Knowledge Sequence.

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