Our Program


Ethos Academy CFA is proud to utilize Core Knowledge, specifically Core Knowledge Language Arts, as the primary curriculum, which has been aligned to Arizona Common Core Standards. The K–8 Core Knowledge Sequence exposes students to a broad range of historical, scientific, and cultural topics that develop a foundational knowledge which builds upon itself year after year. Thus, history, geography, and science are seamlessly integrated throughout the Core Knowledge Sequence of study. This foundational curriculum is comprehensive and will serve to prepare students for success in college and 21st Century careers.

The mathematics curriculum we use at Ethos Academy will be EngageNY, which is a rigorous and comprehensive Singapore math-based program.

We will utilize fully integrated Core Knowledge art, music, and world cultures lesson for our specials classes.  For Health classes we use a web-based interactive tool called HealthTeacher and for P.E. classes we utilize.

Our Ethos Characters Program will be strongly influenced by heroes of character that our students will learn about throughout the year, as part of the Core Knowledge Sequence.

To learn more about Core Knowledge please visit: www.coreknowledge.org.


Instructional Methods

Our primary mode of instruction is direct instruction.  Using direct instruction, teachers will discuss daily learning objectives, give an overview of the lesson, model the skills being developed, lead guided practice, and reinforce skills through independent practice.

In order to balance direct instruction in our classrooms, students will be given regular opportunities to engage in cooperative learning structures.  These are highly organized small group or partner activities that are designed to reinforce new or review already learned concepts or skills.  Research supports that students’ learning retention rates are highest when they are working in collaboration with one another.  Research shows that when students work together, they develop skills in the following areas: critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation/creativity using technology, teamwork, communication, leadership, decision-making, conflict resolution and more.

Ethos Academy intends to provide well-planned and purposeful extensions to traditional classroom instruction through experiential learning opportunities. Teachers will plan and include at least one hands-on, student-directed experiential learning activity within each unique unit of study; empowering students to use new knowledge and concepts learned in their classroom and practically apply them to task-oriented activities (e.g. conducting experiments, building projects, performing jobs, collecting data, engaging community members).