Campus Safety

Safety is the number one priority at Ethos Academy. The leadership team identifies safety in terms of the physical campus and the interactions of students. Prior to the start of school the campus will go through an evaluation with the City of Glendale Police department, and other related agencies, to ensure a robust and thorough evacuation plan is in place. This involves a monthly fire drill and two emergency drills per year.

In addition, Ethos Academy is a bully-free zone. There is zero tolerance for bullying and to support this initiative the team will provide a proactive plan to engage students in “positive relationships” through the morning Character class. Additionally, Ethos Academy is launching a structured play program that ensures all students are engaged during recess. This involves a Site Coach that interacts and facilitates games so that all children have a chance to connect with other kids in healthy ways. Furthermore, the administrative team supports a structured and nurturing behavior management program. The goal is not to punish students for poor behavior but to correct unhealthy habits while building self-esteem in all students.