Tim Boykin, School Director and Co-Founder

Tim Boykin has over fifteen years of education experience, private and public, throughout Arizona and Pennsylvania. For the past two years he has been a fellow and administrator within the TeamCFA network and a fellow with the Arizona Charter Schools Association. These opportunities have afforded him the opportunity to launch Ethos Academy in his childhood community of Central Glendale. 

Gina DiSipio, Dean of Academics 

Gina DiSipio has educated students throughout Arizona over 17 years in charter, private and district school settings. She has been an educator at Ethos Academy since we opened our doors in 2015, and has been an educator for TeamCFA for seven years. She brings her wide range of teaching experience into the position of Dean of Academics to support the teachers and educational specialists. She is focused on supporting educators in their ability to help students reach beyond proficiency and maintain positive attitudes towards the learning experience, regardless of the subject, difficulty level, or challenges. She serves the school community in the teaching and learning process, in small group interventions, and as the ELL and Test Coordinator. 

Julie Campbell, Dean of Operations

Julie Campbell hopes to bring her diverse experience in business, government and education to Ethos Academy’s community in central Glendale. After college, Mrs. Campbell worked in foreign policy for the US Senate and then moved on to a career in banking and investments. Recently, as a para-professional working with special needs children, she decided to transition into school administration in order to help serve children and families within greater Phoenix. As Operations Manager, she will support the staff in day to day operations in finance, enrollment and human resources. With a strong belief in the education of all children in a safe environment, she knows that Ethos Academy will bring a unique and special educational opportunity for families in central Glendale.

Olyvia Welintukonis, Dean of Families

Olyvia Welintukonis has a passion for serving families and their communities. With several years of social work and community service experience, Mrs. Welintukonis hopes to bring a sense of understanding and fellowship to all of the families at Ethos Academy. She, herself, is a parent to an Ethos Academy Owl who has attend since the first day the school opened its doors.


In accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, you have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of your child’s teacher.  Please contact the front office for more information.